View Full Version : Explosion of Spirorbid Worms

07/21/2007, 03:01 PM
These things will not go away. I've been scraping and scraping, but "babies" keep appearing on my tank walls almost daily.

I've been battling them for about 4 weeks.

Any ideas on how to kill them for good?

Thanks, Eric

07/21/2007, 03:15 PM
I've had them on the back of my 10g tank since I refurbished it and started it over a couple months ago. They don't hurt anything.....any reason why you want them gone so bad?

07/21/2007, 03:22 PM
Sort of a funny story, but I was a completely newbie when I bought my first tank. The owner pointed at all the white specs on the glass and rocks and stated in a hushed tone that those are copepods. "Fish love them".

Being the naive newbie that I was, I went out and bought a mandarin thinking that I was all set with a tank full of "pods".

Sure enough, the mandarin ate all the "pods" putting up a cloud of debris in his wake. It only took a week to completely strip my tank of them.

After a week, I grew concerned that the mandarin was out of food and it was only then that I figured out what pods are and my lack thereof.

I still have the mandarin 8 months later and a healthy pod population.

Just be careful with a mandarin. They are notorious for starving to death even with a supply of pods. In a 30g, you'd need a fug to ensure a steady supply of live food. They are an advanced fish to own.