View Full Version : Chico/Redding frag swap ideas

07/27/2007, 08:26 PM
Hey guys, I majorly want a Chico/Redding frag swap. Any places in between like anderson and red bluff can attend if they want.

Any ideas? Do you want it in Chico or in Redding? So far it seems like there aren't that many big or hardcore reefers in Chico than in Redding so it might be better to have in Redding? If there aren't many reefers from Chico coming then we can still do a frag swap and maybe an auction/sell.

If you guys want it in Chico, Fish Etc might be the best place to do it BUT the owner might have a problem with guys selling stuff at his store. So perhaps we can have it at Twisted's store. What you think Twisted? Can you ask your boss? He can make money by perhaps ordering corals to come in the day of the swap so people can buy his new stuff too.

I want some of Reddings best sps! Maybe when we get it all planned out, we can start a thread on what people want brought to the swap so we don't have like 20 people bringing in xenias. ahah

Give me your INPUT!!!