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07/29/2007, 11:37 PM
Is it true that:

1. The 3170's effluent reaches 24+ dKH?

2 The pump included in the unit is all that you'll need to run it?

If the above is the case, it would make the 3170 one of the most compact high performance Calicium reactors available.

I bought a Korallin thinking that the eheim pump on top runs everything, only to be disappointed (you either siphon from the tank or run a separate supply pump). Something about having the pump on top eliminates any chance of bulk CO2 getting into the tank water.

Is the 3170 safeguarded against that?


07/30/2007, 10:39 AM
The 3170 does not have that safeguard though you can add an extension reactor that would definitely eliminate any free CO2. The effluent can be adjusted by setting CO2 and drip rate, from my experience it is best to run this reactor with a pH controller and I had 16-18KH effluent running 2 bubbles ber second and 1 drop per second. The one pump does it all but the unit must be submerged in tank or in sump.

07/31/2007, 07:30 PM
Thanks for the reply.

I am currently running the new Via Aqua unit, and I am getting about 14 dKH with about 1 bubble per second and a drip that's just shy of a stream.

The only problem with the Via Aqua is that its media capacity is too small.

08/01/2007, 09:11 AM

The 3170 holds more media then the Via Aqua you can also add additional extensions as Roger mentioned. This doubles the media volume of the 3170 so this will increase performance.