View Full Version : Tunze 6300, magnet holders, fish blender, more?

08/03/2007, 10:03 PM
(Trying my skill at creative, attention-getting titles. :))

I heard a few things about the 6300:

1. It's not out yet. :)

2. It's not recommended for "hobbyist" aquariums. The explanation I received is that the openings are big enough that smaller fish might get sucked in. Is this the case even if the pump is left on continuously, or is the concern that it might happen if the pump is on a controller?

3. There is going to be a special double magnet mount to hold it?

My real interest is in item 3. I think 4x6200 delivers enough flow to my tank, but we still do not have a viable way to mount these on 1-inch thick tanks. I have them pretty rigged up right now, but they still slide around and eventually fall out of place. (The magnets have just enough strength to barely hold the pumps if I place tension on the power cord. Yikes!)

My question is, do we have any hope of getting a more powerful/double magnet?

If not, I suppose I will go about commissioning a set of much stronger magnets to hold the pumps in place. Save a closed loop, there seems to be no alternative on the market today.

Thanks for your response,


08/04/2007, 09:09 AM

We have not recieved any of these in Oz as yet but not sure what the statis is with the USA Roger will give you an ETA.

These pumps will be an issue with very small fish as the intake screen is more open to help with the increased flow so really designed for large fish aquaria.

I have not been informed of a larger magnetic holder but I have only seen a prototype.


08/06/2007, 10:54 AM
1) We have them in stock.

2) Yes, it was built for zoos and public aquaria, it is intended for large exhibits with large fish, not for home hobbyists. Anything smaller than a large angel is at risk. Image a 6200 with no cross grid at the front and every other tooth removed from the intake.

3) You just use two standard magnet holders, one above the other. It is secured at the top and bottom.

4) We have planned for sometime to make a magnet holder for thicker glass but it is not possible with the existing magnet holder body, it would have to be thicker to house the stronger magnets. It will be a while before we have such a holder.