View Full Version : Post good corals you saw at the local stores

08/07/2007, 06:10 PM
The purpose of this thread is to let others know what good stuff the local stores here have. So if you went into Fish Etc and saw something cool and didn't pick it up, post it here so others can know.

Also some of us don't visit some of the stores often, so the ones that do visit it often, give us a heads up if a new shipment comes in and whats in the shipment.

I'll start.--->

Heads up on a cool encrusting hynophora type coral at Fish Etc. Kept looking at it, but too big for my tank. They call it a hynophora, but not sure if it really. Its a very very nice neon green type color. Should still be in there. If you are having trouble finding it, Joel could probably show it to you.

Also Joel mentioned they might be getting a red scolymia so heads up there if its not already gone.

08/13/2007, 07:35 PM
Alright, stopped by some of the stores today while I had some chores to do.

Lets see what good stuff I saw:

Reef Connections
--Saw a cool purple mouth with like a white/blue body fungia, Looked cool but not sure of the price. Other than that, saw nothing really of interest.

Fish Etc
---Cool pinkish goniopora.

----Cool looking green fungia. Its really neat looking, some check it out.

---Someone want orange zoos? Saw some orange zoos, under better lights, the colors are really going to pop!

I think thats all that I saw that was interesting. Well, someone go check the stuff out and buy some of the stuff if you like it. I'm really picky about what I buy now because my tank is small.

08/14/2007, 06:34 PM
Thanks for the update Mike! I frequented the LFS when I first got into the hobby but very soon with proper care my tank got very full. So I don't make it around too often anymore.

08/15/2007, 06:55 PM
Ok Mike you need to be at the LFS when I am so that I can meet you and you can give me some good ideas on what to buy.

I was planning on going tomorrow after work which is abou 3 pm and I will only go to Fish etc.

Then maybe you can actually show me some of the things that I have not a clue about. I have to get a yellow tang to help with the hair algae.

Although that sea hare has got to be the grossest thing I have ever seen, it eats hair algae like you wouldn't believe.

So if anyone has any hair algae either save it or you can borrow "Cousin IT"


08/15/2007, 08:10 PM
Alright guys, stopped by Reef Connections because Jody said he would get a shipment on Wed.

There are some good stuff so some of you should stop on by.

Some noteworthy things:

helfrichi firefish:eek: awesome looking but the price is hefty I am sure because they sell for a lot in general

powder blue tang -always like this fish, amazing fish

white/blue fungia with purple mouth -surprised noone has picked it up yet! Its an awesome coral especialyl if you look at it top down

blue spot jawfish -one of the sickest looking jawfish around. Nice.

mystery wrasse -cool wrasse but these things are pretty expensive.

Lets see, there are also a bunch of hammer corals, frogspawn, and zoas. I did see a few acans. Just go check it out guys.

Someone post if Fish Etc and Pet Works got anything new coming in.

08/16/2007, 12:32 AM
Great info! Thanks for the eyes out there Mike.

I saw that firefish.:bounce1: This isn't it but an image of one online: http://www.reefs.org/phpBB2/files/helfrich_144.jpg
Such a beautiful and colorful fish but way out of my league. :rolleye1: :eek1: