View Full Version : Second Sump/Waterchange Tank Where to Drain?

08/09/2007, 12:15 AM
I am installing the second sump / waterchange tank to my new system and I was hoping to get a few opinions.

I split the right overflow to drain into a second sump/waterchange tank (150 gallons) and I will have the waterchange tank gravity draining back into the main sump. The waterchange sump has a 2" central overflow. I was originally just going to elbow the drain over and use a couple of 45 deg to get a slight slope and pop it through the side of the main sump. This would be just above the waterline on the right side (see pictures) I would of course use a bulkhead and use a full length pvc with holes for dispursing the water.

I then thought maybe I should carry the return down a bit and pop it in on the finish chamber (far left) If I drain in the right then it goes through my filter socks again. The second sump will house a large skimmer and will have my calc and kalk and all other liquid additives enteriung the system here. Then once a month for a waterchange I close the valve and isolate the main equipment, and a 150 gallons of water.:)

Do you guys think I should return it before the filter socks or after them?





08/09/2007, 05:01 AM
Sorry don't have any advice for your but I like the way the filter sock is built into the sump. Seems to make for easy removal. Very nice.

08/09/2007, 01:35 PM
Anyone have any input on this. Thanks.