View Full Version : 6100 or 6101 better???

08/10/2007, 12:46 AM
Wich is better
6100 or 6101 turbell stream??

cause I want to buy a pair, but the distributor has only 6100.
I have to buy 6100 or I have to looking for 6101???

what do you think??

08/10/2007, 06:08 AM
here is the reply roger gave in the other thread...

6101 has a new electronic system. The driver is now built into the pump. The alarm is gone, instead the pump shuts down until manually reset by disconnecting power and reapplying power. The transformer is now a laptop type powersupply. The power supply is switchable and as a result the 6101 can be run as a 6000 or 6100 equivalent and replaces both pumps.

08/10/2007, 10:24 AM
Both have pros and cons, the 6101 the driver is now in the pump, it is sealed now so it cannot be damaged by water. The power supply is what is used on laptop computers, you can buy a replacement virtually anywhere as a result. Supposedly the new electronics are more reliable and use less power.

The old design with a seperate driver will be cheaper to repair as the driver and motor seperately will cost less than the new motor with built in driver. The old transformer I think will prove more reliable. Laptop power supplys typically last only a few years, we chose the coolest running oversized power supplys we could fine but I still think they will last 4-5 years in most cases. The old copper coil was basically forever.

We changed the design for two reasons, we see a lot of water damaged drivers and customers wanted less hardware to deal with. In addition the laptop power supply greatly reduces the weight of the box, a 6100 weighed 7lbs, a 6101 weighs about 4.5lbs. This minimized transport costs and shipping damage from stacked heavy boxes.