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08/11/2007, 06:53 PM
Hello everyone!

I decided to increase the flow in my little NC24 tank so that maybe my SPS corals would be happier and show better growth. Right now I am using a maxijet 1200 to run water from the tank to a chiller and back along with another powerhead in the tank. This doesn't cut it for me, so I decided to get a Mag 7 pump and create a spraybar out of PVC to help distribute the flow over the whole tank (0 dead spots is the goal here). I got the whole thing set up by making a "U" pipe out of PVC 90 degree elbows feeding the mag 7 pump which is attached to the leg of my stand. The output of the pump is then fed to my chiller and back to my spraybar.

The problem is that flow is really low. I was expecting somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 to 450 GPH but actually getting less than maxijet flows. Could this be the result of an air bubble in the pvc "U" that I made, like an embolism? If it is how would you go about getting it out?

Any pointers are appreciated.

08/11/2007, 07:07 PM
The spray bar will choke back the flow big time.Been there done that and own a t-shirt now.

08/11/2007, 07:16 PM
your spray bar is on the output of the chiller right? If so then that is why your flow sucks. It's trying to push through the chiller and your spray bar. Keep them seperate!