View Full Version : Any engineers out there?

08/16/2007, 06:42 AM
I am building a stand out of 3/4" pressure treated ply and framed with pressure 2x4. The dimensions of the stand is 84"x36" with 3 doors cut out of the front and a door out of each end.All the doors are 18"x18" leaving a 6" header and 6"footer and 10" on each corner. The plywood is kiln dried pressure treated as well as the 2x4's. I estimate this tank full to be approximately 3000 lbs. on the fat side. I want to make sure with all the door openings that the plywood once framed will withstand the weight. In looking at my 150 stand I think I am fine but would like other input. I have access to this wood and CNC router so I can get everything pre cut. thanks Jeff