View Full Version : How common is the Nanostream clip problem?

08/21/2007, 09:01 AM
All of this talk of clips breaking. I just bought a 6045 from premium aquatics. I have a deep sand bed. If something breaks do I have to worry about it blowing my sand all over or is there a safety shutoff feature when this happens?

How rare is it that a clip or bracket breaks on a nanostream. Just curious since I'll be a new owner. .

08/21/2007, 10:17 AM
From what I see in number of clips I replace vs number of pumps sold about 10% break. It has been demonstrated to me that when everything is made properly the clip is indeed very strong but the molding machines overheat a percentage of clips, I also notice that quite often the same people need multiple replacements so I believe there is a certain component of user error but beyond a doubt the clips could be stronger. Basically, the plastic needs to be thicker to avoid the scorching in the molding machine. The clip is made of virgin GE Lexan with a content of roughly 5% glass fiber for added reinforcement.

08/21/2007, 12:35 PM
Thanks Roger. And I see you are going on vacation. Have fun on vacation! I'm looking foward to my new 6045 very much!

08/22/2007, 08:52 AM
Just be sure to physically seperate both pieces of the magnet when working with the powerhead! heehee Those magnets are powerful! That's how I broke my clips. Totally my fault and I almost lost a finger in the process! :) Superglue fixed the problem in a jiffy though.

Enjoy your new powerhead Teremei! :p

08/25/2007, 11:38 AM
Having just bought 2 6055`s and now actually seeing what all the fuss is about.

I expected a much better design from Tunze for the price but good news is its pretty easy to make it better. Those tiny little clips that are supposed to hold the pump clamp to the magnet are pretty useless, how could a designer think those would be strong enough? any slight tap or a big fish bumping into it could snap them right off, two grooved mating surfaces that slide together would have been easier to make and way stronger.
Easy fix is to take the pump clamp turn it over fill the 4 cavities and center hole with aquarium safe silicone and snap it together and wipe off the excess, no worries with those tabs breaking off.

Second thing is minor but the propellor housing to the motor block just pushes in, the other Tunze pumps you actually push the 2 pieces together and twist and they lock. One of my 6055s had the 2 parts fit pretty loosely and not even together in the box. Again easy fix fit them together (I had to debur a couple spots) and add a dab of silicone where the power wire comes out and directly opposite. The silicone wont interfer with rotating the pump in the clamp and can easily be scraped off when you have to take it appart for cleaning.

3rd thing for me is when you snap the whole pump onto the big C-clamp slide the motor from either above or below the clamp as this puts less stress on the clamp. You could easily break the clamp when you just spread it appart from the front like it shows in the instructions.

Hope this helps