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08/21/2007, 10:16 AM
I sure there's an easy solution to my probelm that I'm just overlooking...

I have my makeup water in a 45G Brute Gargage can next to my sump.

The problem is occurs whenever the can has a higher water level than the sump. If the sump calls for makeup water, the Osmolator does its job and kicks in the pump. However, once the pump turns off, the water doesn't stop. It keeps siphoning into the sump until I hear the overlow alarm and have to go and stop the siphoning.

What's my easy fix for this problem (besides keeping the water level of my can lower than my sump level)?


08/21/2007, 10:32 AM
The water should always be pumped up to the tank and never down to the sump. Sensors in the sump, fill hose to the tank.

08/21/2007, 11:46 PM
Although Tunze recommends running the fill hose to the tank, you can run it to the sump as long as the end of the fill hose stays above the maximum water level in the sump and the reservoir. I have a 1" diameter tube in my sump tied to my drain line. The fill hose empties into this tube near the top of my stand and runs down into the sump, so there is no chance of starting a siphon.