View Full Version : RO Water System Controller

08/25/2007, 09:13 AM
I am wanting to set up a simple controller that will control the water production from RO filter to separate systems. The first would be drinking water only from the RO filter. The second would be the reef water supply via the RO filter with an additional stage of DI filtration. The system would be triggered via float switches and would control solenoids (one on the incoming water supply, a second on the drinking water tank and a third on the reef water tank). Additionally I would like to flush the first couple of minutes of production to mitigate the creep and also flush the membrane at the end of the production cycle (this would require two additional solenoids). Any suggestions for a simple PLC that could accomplish the above listed task.

10/17/2007, 09:07 AM
This should get you started.

I could add all the options you suggest above with just a couple more solenoids and two more level sensors.