View Full Version : Lighting for 20gal

08/29/2007, 12:51 PM
I need an opinion on lighting options for my 20gal .
I have 2 workhorse 7 ballasts
should I go with
2x 24" VHO white with 2 x 20w T8 actinic
1 24" VHO white 1 24" VHO actinic
2 x 24"VHO on one ballast (wired in series) 2 x 24" VHO actinic (series)
or 2 x 65w PC on one (10000K) and 1 x 65(actinic) on other

VHO bulbs are URI 75w with internal reflectors
PC are 65w (square pin) coralife .

I have softies and LPS now may try some of the more forgiving SPS later . I have 2x 26w compact (6500K) 1 x 20w NO T8 (18000K) and 2 x 20w T8 actinic on my 10gal now and all seems good .