View Full Version : super aggressive yuma??

08/30/2007, 02:31 PM
Just kind of an interesting thing that happened last night........

I picked up this 3" across really nice pink yuma a while back.......i just kind of threw him in the back of the tank as I have been busy and didnt take the time to get it to attach to anything.......

anyway...i noticed this morning that it had somehow ventured out in front and killed a little section of this christmas tree rock as well as hurt itself a tiny bit. Whats interesting about this is that i didnt pay much attention to it, but i just got home and noticed that where it had killed the porites there is now 3 little pieces of yuma stuck to the skeleton that look like they actually are going to turn into something.

It wil be my yuma christmas tree rock. LOL

who knows if it will last but just thought i wouold ask if anyone has seen anything like that. Killing a part of a coral and in short time dropping babies on that spot.


Travis L. Stevens
08/30/2007, 02:46 PM
It killing the porites is pretty basic. That's just the potency of the yuma. Now dropping babies that fast is interesting. One thing that has me curious is the "speed" at which it moved. "Mini Carpet Anemones" can easily be confused with Ricordea. Do you have a picture of your addition?

08/30/2007, 02:59 PM
Ya...the killing of porites wasnt surpising......the babies/live remnants whatever you want to call it kind of blew my mind though.......

as far as moving.........my bad verbage......it didnt "move" i just have too much flow in my tank, i never provided rubble and it never has really attached to anything. I dont have anything to speak of on the sanbed so I just havent gotten around to giving it some rubble as i wasnt worried about it....which today of course i did finally prep it to stick to some rubble

If those babies are still around later this evening i will take some pics.