View Full Version : changing my skimmer

09/04/2007, 09:40 AM
Im new in the hobby and Reef Central....i just read your article and it gave me usefull information....

I have a dilema ritgh now....i bougth and Eclipse III and adapted to it a Sea Clone 100, by recomendation of a pet store...after that, many acuarist have told me that eclipse III (30" tank with hood, 2 20wtas fluorescent wthite lamps, biowheel and carbon with sponge) works for freswater and marine only fish acuarimus...but not reef acuariums (thats what i want). So, im thinking of changing the eclipse hood and buy another skimmer....and i find REMORA AQUA C HANG ON with 1200 maxijet a good option...what do you think about my changing plans? Do i may stick with Sea Clone, do i have to change it? What do you think about REMORA? i believe uses a different technology that you refer in your article

Thanks for your opinion