View Full Version : My new 70g & opinions on flow please

09/06/2007, 08:11 PM
Not the best photos the tank is in a bright room so I was dealing with flash/reflections but it should give you an idea of how my rock is (ie very open design)


Tank is an Oceanic 70g RR with the megaflow overflow kit. Rock is mostly from marcorocks.com (so very airy), softies & a couple SPS on top which came as freebies and have actually done pretty well under PC.

I have a ETSS Aetech sump & super skimmer (sump holds around 15g I believe), my skimmer is powered by a mag9

Return pump is a Via Aqua VA-3600 and it REALLY puts out a strong flow from the return into the tank.

I hate the look of powerheads in the tank so I've used the towers to sort of hide mine...in the tank on the left I have a maxijet 1200 with a rotating hydor attachment, on the right is a seio M820 pointed at the right wall.

Everything in the tank flows around constantly, not finding any collections of gunk anywhere, and for it being a pretty new tank (upgraded from a 50g) I don't have to much algae (except for the very middle top rocks, least amount of flow I guess is there).

That said I wasn't sure if I had enough flow, to much, wrong places, etc? I can't get any fish to hang out on the right hand side (return & seio side) except for my new firefish and I think she's over there just because everyone else is on the left LOL

I was thinking of maybe replacing the maxijet with a hydor 3? Should I shoot for 2 of them and also lose the seio? Should whatever I use on the right side be pointed to the glass side or to the front/middle?

Thanks so much!!!