View Full Version : UV doubt

10/19/2002, 11:42 AM
hello Doug

I'm an italian reefkeeper,I've read your article on lighting
on reefkeeping mag (very good and clear to non-expert) and
i would like you to remove a doubt I have about my lighting
I use 150w 10000k AB bulbs for my tank,I use them on a
non-specific HQI lamp (a normal HQI lamp for living room lighting)
because Giessemann and Aquamedic lamps are very expensive here in
Italy (30%-40% more comparing to Germany!!)
I noticed that the UV-stop glass of my lamp has an odd yellowish
colour so I thought it might change the spectre of AB bulbs.
Many people on forums claim that AB bulbs (and most of the other
brands) are UV-P(they have an envelope filtering UV) Is that TRUE?
They also say that normal glass is capable of blocking about the 80%
of UV,what do you think about that?
Now I decided to replace that glass with a normal heat-resistant
glass, is that safe for my corals?
I'm really looking forward your answer and I apologize for any
possible grammar mistake :-)