View Full Version : My choices of bulb replacements are>>>

10/02/2007, 06:51 PM
96 watt 34" compact fluorscent X 2

1. SunPaq Actinic 460nm
2. SunPaq Actinic 420nm
3. SunPaq Daylight 10000°K
4. SunPaq Daylight 6700°K
5. SunPaq Dual Daylight 6700°K/10000°K
6. SmartPaq Daylight 10000°K/Actinic 460nm
7. SunPaq Dual Actinic 420/460nm

I have been running the 420/460nm,6700°K/10000°K.
Also the corals i have are a frogs spawn lps,a cult, and some polyps. 30 gallon tank. What would be the best combination of lights for my tank?

10/02/2007, 10:03 PM
Ditch the PC's and invest in some T5's or MH. Two SmartPaq Daylight 10k/460 bulbs yield a nice balanced look.

10/03/2007, 06:59 PM
I started to invest in t5's this fixture had a few more watts. I wish now that i did. Limited funds now. Thanks for the advice. Anyone else like to give some input? I would appreciate it.