View Full Version : icecap retro, what makes them so great?

10/03/2007, 01:55 PM
im in the market for some t5 lighting.comparing a the 36'' 6 bulb retro and the teclight. what makes the icecap retro better/more expensive.


10/03/2007, 01:58 PM
It's the reflectors.
With any of the T-5's the reflectors will drastically increase the amount of usable light.
I feel that the reflectors are way more important than the ballast.

cuddle fish
10/05/2007, 10:30 AM
I was wondering the same thing after looking at the Tek retro kit and the Icecap. Here's the description at an online site for the Icecap -SLR individual parabolic reflectors for each bulb made from 96% German reflective aluminum. Here's the description for the Tek - individual parabolic reflectors for each bulb made from 96% reflective German-made aluminum. So...why is the Icecap always recommended so highly? It looks the same to me.

10/05/2007, 10:45 AM
icecap ballasts also overdrives your bulbs to produce more light

10/05/2007, 02:22 PM
It is the geometry of the reflectors, not the overdriving part.

10/05/2007, 02:44 PM
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10/05/2007, 03:05 PM
Yes, the IceCap SLR reflectors are generally recognized as the better reflector for aquarium applications. But the ballast is important consideration if the IC retro you are looking at has the IceCap ballasts. They overdrive the T5's for higher light output. Bulb life is shortened with the IceCap ballasts but that can be minimized by the use of extra fans to cool the lamps and endcaps.

The IceCap ballast runs the 48" 54 watt T5's at 80 - 85 watts.

So just be aware of what ballasts the DIY retro kits are coming with when considering price differences. The price difference of the TEK vs. IceCap reflectors is minimal, only 2 or 3 dollars at most per reflector.