View Full Version : Skimmer and Bubble Trap - HOW TO

10/04/2007, 09:11 PM
I just hooked up a coralife superskimmer 125 on my 55 gallon tank. This is a USED skimmer.

It has some big pump on it and a bubble trap. I have no experience with skimmers.

The issue is that there are micro bubble spewing out of the top of the bubble trap clouding up my tank. I have experimented with the height of the trap, if all the way up a whole lot of micro-bubble come out at this level a smaller amount come out.

How should I adjust the height and the position of the hose?

Also, there is a black line that comes out of the bubble hose...where should this go? It seems that air needs to go in in order to produce bubbles.

I has been running for about 30 mins and no skim is being produced. There are lots of bubbles in the actual unit but none are overflowing.

Any help would be appreciated