View Full Version : Your Suggestion on changing from 400w to 250w MHs on 6' Tank.

10/05/2007, 08:59 AM
- Tank is 6' long and 24" deep w/ 4" - 6" DSB.
- Dominate SPS w/some softies. Have lots of SPS up high (well also mid and several on bottom too).

- 400w XM 10K bulb w/basic spider reflectors on the left and right sides
- NO lighting in the middle section.
- Bulbs are suspened about 12" over the top.
- Dual 400w PFO M59 standard ballast.
- The middle does not look dim and I am able to kept SPS in this area successfully, but think SPS could be more successful if the middle section had MH lighting added over this area.
- There is an acrylic brace in the center.

<b>What do you think of changing to this configuration compared to my current setup described above? Is it worth it? </b>

- Three 250w DE HQI ballasts
- Three 250w Reeflux 10K DE bulbs
- Three Lumenarc Mini DE Reflectors

Thanks for the feedback!

10/05/2007, 11:27 AM
If you're using a true HQI ballast, you'll be getting more than 250W worth out of them, and you could possibly lower them a bit (I'm at about 8" I think). I think you will be fine. My only concern would be the brace in the middle. I went with a 4x250W Aquamedic fixture for this very reason...I don't have a light directly over the center brace. That may not have really been necessary though, I don't know.


10/05/2007, 02:05 PM
Is your 240 6' long?