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10/15/2007, 07:07 PM
Is it possible? Has anybody done it? I am kicking some ideas around but am looking for someone who may have done it. Especially if they have figured a good way to make new salt water with pre measured salt or something like that. Any info would be great thanks.

10/15/2007, 07:16 PM
something kind of like this?

10/15/2007, 07:19 PM
sort of but that doesn't measure and make the saltwater That looks like a pro version of most hobbyists trash can mixing containers

10/15/2007, 07:39 PM
smmscott you have my dream job. man that would be great!
HOB lighting?! Wow!

10/16/2007, 06:24 PM
Maybe tonights crowd might have some ideas.??

10/16/2007, 06:37 PM
<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10986448#post10986448 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by smmscott
Maybe tonights crowd might have some ideas.??

Tube hoppers are fairly simple. Ive had a bunch of different systems over the years trying to come up with a perfect one. One shot hoppers are of course easiest the most Ive done is 8 because that is all that would fit ofver a big trash can but multipals had to run through my automation system the singles dont.

Single shot hoppers can be as simple as a tube with a trap door that opens when a latching controller engages.

The water changer itself can also be simple or complicated just depends on how fancy you want to get.


10/16/2007, 06:54 PM
I'd like to find an automated salt mixing system too. I've had various ideas myself. Most would be easy to implement if I only had the money :)


10/16/2007, 07:00 PM
Cool thanks. Did i see somewhere. that someone was using larger hoppers over their container and using knife valves in a pre-measured area to measure out salt? Of course I could be losing it too.

10/16/2007, 07:01 PM
I'm just not sure that you could measure the salt out accuratly enough to get the SG right. I feel better being able to test the water with a refractometer before it goes in my tank.

10/16/2007, 07:11 PM
i would think that as long as the hopper was full you could be accurate with your salt amounts that dump into the holding container.

10/16/2007, 07:17 PM
<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10986849#post10986849 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by smmscott
i would think that as long as the hopper was full you could be accurate with your salt amounts that dump into the holding container.

You are correct. Its very simple as long as you stickwith the same salt brand and the water is the same everytime. A simple tube with a trap door connected to to a 12v latching controller is all that is needed. Just swap out the tube weekly or when ever.


10/16/2007, 07:43 PM
Cool thanks Don. Would it be possible to give me an idea where to look to begin to find this?

Lucky Strike
10/16/2007, 11:02 PM
you can measure salt in the (youll have to excuse me as i dont have my refractometer handy to be accurate with the names of the scales) on the left side (1.025) or the right side (1.033?) but im 99 percent sure that the right is metric and left is american. Anyway, since all metric converts soo easy, 1.033 is 3.3% salt content and 96.7 h20. so using some algebra its easy to find an approxmate weight of salt that will get you close for a predetermined gallonage, and then finally a weight or mark in a tube that gets you spot on everytime.