View Full Version : 2 or 4 Korellas or 1 Ecotech?

wolf pup
10/18/2007, 01:17 PM
So, its time for me to take the next step and start addressing flow in my 125 tank. It was a FO, then a FOWLR, now it is slowly going to migrate towards reef. I run an Iwaki 40rlt and a Posidon PS3 from the basement for turn over coming out of 4 fittings in the tank (I have them throttled back to about 700 gph total since that is what the overflow boxes seem to be able to handle). The tank is glass, not drilled and I'm not looking to tear it all apart and drill it for a CL. I am at the point where I am looking to put some powerheads in and here is where I am looking for opinions/advice.

I love the look and idea of the Ecotech and 3000 gph seems impressive but I get the impression that a turbulent flow caused by multiple heads "crashing" into each other is considered a good idea. So do I buy two HK 4's and put them in the corners? or maybe 4 HK 3's and get some cross action going? I know the tunze nanostreams are consider higher quality but are they worth $30-40 more each than the HK4's? Also, do wavemakers shorten the live of the powerheads (and now I slide back to the Ecotech since the controller would seem to be a great way to go but...I could only afford 1 and that seems silly in a way.)

Thanks in advance for opinions and advice.