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10/18/2007, 04:59 PM
Hi, I just add some macro algae (sea letucce and chaeto) in my sump to help reduce nitrates and added a 60 watts light.

My question is, if I leave that light on 24 hours, would that benefit the nitrates reduction and the growth of the algae?.


10/18/2007, 05:28 PM
many people think that it would help reduce nitrates. I'm of the mind, however, that all organisms on this planet evolved in an environment where there is light roughly half of the time and darnkess for the other half.

This is debatable. Who knows if simple photosynthetic macro-algae actually need a night time? It would be an interesting research project.

Going into it completely blind, i'd recommend no more than 18 hrs of light and i would try to make the lights on the fuge on when the lights on the DT are off.

I'm just giving a total gut feeling response here. I have no data to back up my opinion.

Do people run the lights on their refugium 24-7? yes. And most of them claim to benefit from it. I think that it only stands to reason that your algae would grow more and remove more waste if the fuge light was on all day and night.

But i can't speak to the long term effects that would have on the inhabitants of your refugium.

10/20/2007, 03:42 PM
Well, I actually put it in my sump where there's no inhabitants, but I'm concern if the algae might need a time out from the constant lighting.