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salmon alley
10/25/2002, 10:40 PM
Hi Simon,
First off, just want to thank you for the article on Calcium Reactors. I've just set up my first one, and I'm finding it very helpful.
I do have a question regarding reactors that I hope you can help me with.
I have a dual chamber DIY 'econo' reactor constructed by coralhound. It basically consists of two 4" diameter cones to hold the media and both the feed and recirc pumps are maxijet powerheads.
My regulator is providing a working pressure of 5 psi, and as you suggested, I'm finding that I am having a very difficult time keeping the bubble count steady and consistent. I assume this is due to 1) the low working psi and 2) the relatively crude adjustments available via the needle valve on the reactor.
Would you recommend that I increase the working pressure to 15 psi and install a finer needle valve in the CO2 feed line? The instructions which came with the reactor specifically recommended NOT to increase working pressure beyond 10 psi, so I'm a little confused on what to do.
Thank you for any advice you can provide.

10/30/2002, 05:50 AM
I presume the manufacturer recommends 10psi maximum due to the fittings used for connecting the pipe work or maybe the model is fitted with a solenoid not rated for much above. It maybe best to aks them to clarify the 10psi maximum if you are thinking of pushing any higher. I would try increase the working pressure to nearer 10psi and see if it operates more consistently. I'm not sure how long you have had the reactor but I know my first reactor it took nearly a month before I mastered the needle valve and found that even tiny nudges where you don't even thing the knob moved were all that were necessary to adjust it.