View Full Version : HO or VHO T5

10/24/2007, 08:03 PM
Need help picking bulbs for a 65 gallon 24" deep tank. This tank will be all softies and LPS.

Want to use an IceCap retro kit.

Do I go with standard Triad or IC 430 ballasts


Overdrive with an IC 660?

10/24/2007, 09:24 PM
I have a 65 and use the 2 triad to power 4 T5 with SLR reflectors 2 (aquablues, 1X 6500K and 1X 12000K special blue and a separate ARO ballast for one VHO super antinic R. I have zoas, LPS, and SPS on the upper half of the tank and they are all growing great. I don't like the T5 antinics so I have the VHO. Looks great. I got them from reefgeeks. I may start to change the triad ballast to 430 icecaps to overpower the T5 to start move over more to SPS. Also that way I have 3 phases of light. Antinic, blue, then white mixed.

10/24/2007, 09:26 PM
personally, i'd go with the overdriven (24" is a bit for t5's). The 430 and 660 will both naturally overdrive T5HO bulbs (difference is 430 will do 2 bulbs and the 660 will do 4), the triad will do the advertised wattage.

10/24/2007, 09:29 PM
The difference between the IC 430 and the IC 660 is that the IC 660 can handle 4 bulbs while the IC 430 can handle only 2. The choice is up to you, just know that overdriving T5 bulbs requires that you have very good active cooling with fans. Without good airflow along the length of all bulbs, you might as well just buy the regularly driven T5s because the bulbs will loose strength really fast.