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10/27/2007, 01:17 AM
I've gotten dangerous with nanno, so I'm going to start with bbs next, then iso, then pods, then rots, THEN I will get my mandarin and try raising gsm fry if they start spawning.

When you fed bbs, you just dumped the whole pile in there...do you ever see any surviving the first 20 minutes, and then spawning in your tank?

Who do you have eating bbs in your tank?

You turn off your pumps...I do that too. You turned yours back on. Yeah, sometimes I dont do that...any reverse timers? :)

Is there a way to have a self-propogating method of raising bs? (I mean, besides our political system...)

I don't mind buying eggs, but it would seem cool if you could just have it keep going...



ps--still love your webpage...'specially the ID sections. that's where my wife and I pick out what's next :)

10/28/2007, 11:00 PM
Hi Tim,

If you can grow all those various foods, you'll have a lot of happy reeflings!

When I drop the BBS into the tank, my 29g fish quickly swim around sucking them down. I've never seen them last past a few minutes, let alone 20. I can't answer on the spawning you mentioned, but I tend to doubt that would occur with nauptili seeing how young they are.

I do believe that many corals can grab BBS from the water column, such as gorgonians, LPS (frogspawn, torch, sun corals, etc), and anemones. Perhaps ricordia as well, if they 'inhale' during a feeding session.

The best solution to turning off pumps is to set a timer that stays with you or does NOT shut off on its own. You can plug your pump into a mechanical timer that has a bunch of ON tabs snapped into place. As the timer moves forward, it continues to trip on those ON tabs, which is a good fail-safe system for those of us that forget to plug pumps back in.

I don't know of a self-propagating system. I just whip up a batch each evening that is ready in 48 hours. If you buy the eggs from Brine Shrimp Direct by the 1 lb can, you should have a year's worth of eggs. They are very inexpensive. I just discovered an unopened can in my fishroom a week ago. I'm glad, as I was about to order more.

Thanks for the nice words about my site. I'll be adding more critters to the ID page in the future, as soon as I have some free time.