View Full Version : 680L tank - Overstocked and Overfed.

11/01/2007, 03:46 AM
New 680L tank.

I know that i overfeed & overstock so, i'm going to go big-ish.

Display is 500L, sump is around 180L
(120x70x60), (120x50x30)

I have two main options atm:
2nd hand H&S 200-2xf2001 ($500 + Freight)
Reef Octopus NW-200-6540 ($449 + Freight)

I'm leaning toward the H&S. Any advice either way?

11/01/2007, 05:01 AM
I'm about to do the same-upgrade and will go with H&S after much pondering.
Thw final two in case u are interested
reeflo250-better skimmer but I lack the space
thus H&S wins.