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11/02/2007, 05:54 AM
does anyone know of a place to get live rock besides pet box? I am not spending 2600 yen for a piece of rock. Does anyone have a tank that they are taking down in the next 6 weeks. I am trying to cure some rock I found on the beach to see if they have any growth on them. I finally got my 150 gal tank up and running. I had alot of problems with it leaking from connections from japanese to american. finally got that done and built 2 durso standpipes in my overflow. Everything is running beautiful. Now just letting my tank cycle through with the rock in it. Can any live rock found like on the beach be turned into live rock?

11/02/2007, 02:24 PM
your best bet would be to go up north as remote as you can get and still get to the water easily.. and swim out and collect some LR.. make sure you cook it first though.. Or at the very least do a few min fresh water dip to get all the critters out of it that you dont want. I garentee that any rock you pull out of the ocean is going to have several crabs, mantis shrimp and few other things that you dont want. Once you have done that give it a good swish in a bucket of salt water.. then put it in your tank. After you have your tank full of rock, leave the lights off in the tank and run it like that for a couple of months. do weekly water changes. Then I would turn the lights on and do a short light cycle for about a month and see how things are looking, make sure you dont have a huge aleage bloom..

You can add hermits and snails after a few weeks of having the rock in.

This is not the ideal way to do it, but probably the best if you dont have the patieance or space to cook the rock properly.