View Full Version : Tunze 6000 in a 100 Gal Cube

11/10/2007, 01:42 PM
Hey guys,

I'm setting up a 110 gallon cube, (30x30x30) and I'm looking for flow. Someone's selling two Tunze 6000s and I was thinking I could set them up on my Aqua Controller Jr. with a AquaSurf.

How would the flow be? I'm gonna have mostly SPS in there so I do need some good wide flow. I'd also wanna mount the tunze on the back wall. Sump turnover would be around 450 gal. per hour.

Thanks for the help!

11/11/2007, 03:24 AM
I have two 6000s on my 75. I keep mostly sps. You could always add one or two more if you wanted more flow later. I don't think it would be a good idea to runs these on anything but the tunze controllers but I could be wrong.

11/11/2007, 05:35 AM
Andy...if you are really getting a good deal on the two 6000's and find they are not enough flow you can always buy the transfomers for the 6100's for around $70 each and that will double your flow rate of the 6000's...

Also check out Rogers Clearance sale (thread is a sticky at the top of the Tunze forum)...it might make more sense to buy two brand new with warranty 6000's or 6100's that he has...

Aslo...drawman...the Neptunes System's AquaSurf was designed to be used with the Tunze...it allows some great programing to create waves, etc...I am getting over a 1" wave in my 120 with it using two 6100's running at a max of 75% power...

11/11/2007, 12:09 PM
Nice, I've never heard of that.

11/11/2007, 06:12 PM
Glalderman... thanks a lot dude. I totally didnt know that you could upgrade. I've been looking into that, giving me another option.

I think I'm gonna go with the pumps and if the need arises to increase the flow, I'll have the option of crankin them up to 6100s.