View Full Version : 36gal corner tank setup?

11/11/2007, 10:34 PM
I am thinking of setting up this tank. I will probably use a MH and PC light setup. probably a 150 watt halide. The tank I am looking at is an all glass aquarium tank, and there is a sticker on it saying it can't be drilled. Does this mean just the bottom can't, or the sides also? I want to do an internal overflow to go to a sump. I am pretty confident on how to build everything, but I am a little worried about the overflow and drilling the tank. Does anyone have links on internal overflows? Is there anyway to tell if the sides of the tank are tempered? I want to put the overflow in the back corner. So if the sides can be drilled I think a hole or two in each side should be fine. I want three holes. One for drain and two for return. Also what size bulkheads should be used for drain and return, and also a good pump for return? The return will have a scwd on it. Thanks for any help! I am going to take my time with this tank. I will probably build the stand myself, maybe a hood not sure about that though. sorry one more question. With a 150watt MH, will this use a lot of electricity. I heard they can get expensive to run. And would there be a big difference between 150 and 250? thanks again!

11/11/2007, 10:40 PM
Means cant drill any holes anywhere. You would be better getting a reef ready tank or design your own at www.glasscages.com
There are other ways like HOB overflows and such.
But your on the way to a great start. Research everything from tank , equipment , stock and things will go smooth.

11/11/2007, 10:47 PM
Only the bottom glass can't be drilled most likely. I would go with a 1" drain and 3/4" returns. Get a mag drive pump, they are reliable and affordable. The 250w MH is a large step up from the 150w, it is much stronger, uses more electricity, and gets hotter.

11/13/2007, 09:52 PM
anyone else have advice? Wich MH bulb should I use 150 or 250? Probably have 40 or 65 watt pc's with it. Anyone know for sure if an All Glass Aquariums 36 gal corner tank can be drilled at least on the sides. Thanks!