View Full Version : Changing of the guard

Dingo Dog
11/12/2007, 10:11 AM
I recently removed some major bullies (damsels/chromis) from my tank but left one small Lemon Chromis. The other fish in my tank are all non-aggressive. This chromis was the smaller of the bunch that were removed and never showed any aggression to speak of.

With its competition gone, this chromis has promoted itself from PFC to General status. Not only that but now it's started displaying vertical dark stripes on occasion which vary in intensity while fanning out its fins as it chases its tank-mates.

I'll probably let it stay as long as it doesn't let it's new rank go to it's fins.

One really weird thing it's started doing is this. It's adopted a green monticap coral. It nips along the underside a few times as if cleaning it. Then it gently brushes/vibrates its body against the underside while slowly moving along the coral towards its edge. The chromis is also quite protective of the monti should any fish come too close during this cleaning. I've looked to see if there's anything on the underside that would cause the fish to do that but there's nothing there. There are other monticaps but the chromis leaves them alone. Any idea what that's about?