View Full Version : Long Time Blue Face Angel or Aus Harlequin Tusk Owners (What's your filtration like?)

11/12/2007, 10:51 AM
Just bought a used 90 gallon Oceanic RR Ultimate to replace a 33g and 65g.

This is what I did...

5-6 inches live sand (all seasoned)

At least 200 lbs of cured live rock (rock from both my two older tanks and from the used 90g I just bought combined) All fiji.

Medium HOB Aquafuge (running 4" live sand and Chaeto with light). For those that have not seen this, it's a HOB refugium.

Sump running bio balls, that drips and feeds into roughly 10gallons of Chaeto. (no sand in refugium, bare bottom).

Eheim Professional II 2028 running live rock rubble only (I figured this is like live rock filtration).

Eheim Professional II 2026 running live rock rubble only.

Eheim Professional 2229 WetDry

Aqua C Remora HOB

The goal:
Would like to add one show fish, either, a juvi/medium Blue Face (6") or a large Australian Harlequin Tusk.

I am aware of the large tank needs of the Blue face and will be upgrading again in about two years. So I am focusing on a juvi Blue Face. Vivid Aquariums in Los Angeles has stated that I would be able to handle a juvi Angel in a 90 at 48" length, it would just be harder to seek the size requirement. I figure when the angel grows up, I will have my dream 225 ready. I know my LR is plenty, however, I'm looking for comments on whether my canister with live rock rubble, wetdry canister and bio balls will negatively affect my tank on the long term.

Existing Fish:
Other small inhabitants include an existing mated pair of maroons, 2 anthias, 1 coral beauty and a dragon wrasse. That's it.

The question: What would you change in the filtration?