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11/16/2007, 07:01 AM
Hi I build a Sulfur Reactor to help lowering the Nitrate in my fish tank. I am using CaribSea L.S.M. Live Sulfur Media 1 Gallon, and the result are very good. I have set it up for a month. The water entering the reactor is around 10 PPM (N03) and exiting this reactor around 2.5 PPM (N03). I set it to 2 drops per second.

But one thing is, the water exiting this unit smells like Sulfur, its not too strong but I can smell it. Is it normal?? Will Sulfur harm the fish in my tank? The KH entering is 4 dkh and exiting this reactor around 4.5 dkh.

All the fish seems to be normal, swimming fine and eating like a pig.

Thanks in advance.

11/16/2007, 12:15 PM
normal when the media react you smell the egg when it not strong it's ok if it's to strong then your drip are to low .

if it's getting strong you can take a small container open the eflluent and change the water in the reactor , after that you can set up the drip again (it will need to break in again) .

the sulphur reduce the alk in the tank ..... don't let the tank alk drop less then 5DKH and you can use baking soda to increase the alk if needed.

11/16/2007, 06:58 PM
Thanks Mavgi,
The KH comes out of the reactor is higher then what is in the tank. My tank is 4 dkh, from the reactor it is 4.5 dkh. I have crush corals in the reactor.

So the smell is fine and OK to the fish.

Now I feel better.

Thanks again