View Full Version : LionFish vs. Sharks?

11/27/2007, 03:41 PM
Such beautiful creatures, yet predators of "seemingly"anything their size and smaller.
But what seems to be the answer to the "so-called" shortage of l'il fish around our shores this year? Shall it be attributed to lionfish infestation?
Global warming...hmmm...now that oceans are heating up, these fish can live further north now. Speculation, but what's the answer to increasing our stocks? Fish farming, species importation, lionfish bounty hunting? They have their place in the food chain...crumbs...are lionfish more menacing than sharks?

12/02/2007, 05:45 PM
i found a four-eyed butterfly at Oregon Inlet,NC near some riprap. yea my jaw dropped.

12/11/2007, 01:17 PM
Lionfish are more menacing to people and sharks are more manacing to fish.

12/11/2007, 06:11 PM
Sharks are way up the food chain, yet they manage not to eat up all the fish in the ocean. Humans take a whole lot of fish out as well...hmmm..... Lionfish....a low level food chain player that now moves into the spotlight...here.

When we snorkel a lot out here. Barracuda or eel can be encountered at times but not they are not high level threats.

I guess the days are gone when peering into a undersea cave or or shelf at close range without ever dreaming...is a lionfish in there? Harvesting the little ones will never be the same.

The dives at dusk, shall they continue? When the flamefish and banded coral shrimps come to their front doors to explore and become easy catches?

Maybe it's time to set up a tank just for these volitans. Maybe, an artifical reef with lots of coralline algae and currents. Maybe I'll grow to love 'em......maybe I won't....

01/20/2008, 05:00 PM
I hear Pacific lionfish stop eating when in water around 60 degrees. It's 65 around Bermuda....so close! But have they adapted? Grrrrr! But, finally a keen aquarist is as mad/concerned as the rest of us and wishes to have a controlled lionfish collection in order to save the little fishies! Great news and he'll have backing from the local authorities, of course!
I must say they are so beautiful though! A nice fish-only tank with volitans might just happen after all; a closed top with keyed access to the hood. I wouldn't want my young family and friends to be swoosh their hands in it....as they do in my 30G when I'm not looking!