View Full Version : Resealing Tank Should I?

12/04/2007, 08:40 AM
Form this Pic of the inside of the tank. Do you think I should Reseal it a bit?

My plan was to take tape and mask off the tank near the damaged edges of the silicone. Then use a razor blade to give the damaged edge a decent straight line.then run a bead and fill in the gap. Good Idea? Bad Idea? Or leave it alone? The tank does not leak.

I still have to Glue my baffles into my sump and have them cure. Water and Sand will be in the tank this weekend.

12/04/2007, 09:07 AM
new silicone will not bond to old silicone so, if i understand your idea correctly, you would end up with a gap between the two beads. a small gap, but a gap nonetheless. the proper way to reseal a tank is to remove ALL the old silicone and clean the glass (i think i used rubbing alcohol) then let that dry. after that you can go with your idea of masking off the tank, leaving a space in between and remove the tape after the new silicone is applied, resulting (hopefully) in a nice clean line. it does look like your silicone is deteriorating. I had an old 30 gallon tank that had silicone that looked like that and while it hadn't leaked yet, if i was going to set that tank back up I would have redone the seals. use the razor to remove all that old silicone and replace it. allow a day or two for curing before you water test it.

12/04/2007, 09:35 AM
I think that the silicone raggy ness is due to the previous owner "cleaning" it before he sold it to me. I have heard that Old Silicone does not bond to new Silicone but I didn't want to risk rebeading it by removing all the old silicone because I fear the tank might fall apart :(

12/04/2007, 09:45 AM
That pic doesnt look particularly bad... I've trusted my tank with worse. If you are going to reseal, you need to yank out all the old silicone and completely re-do it.