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12/04/2007, 09:05 AM
Hi, I have a Typhoon 3 that has been sitting unused for over a year while Ive been in Iraq. I did not drain it before I left, but the water has been turned off to it. I wanted to know if you thought I would have any problems with my membrane?

As soon as I get home I want to replace all my filters. The problem is I want to get a refillable DI container, and I really dont want to get the kit you offer with a bunch of resin, and multiple containers. I just want the filter pack, 1 Di container, and enough color changing resin to fill it, and maybe refill it once. I know the other sponsors on here have such kits available, but I would much prefer to keep my business with you. Please let me know if anything is available.


12/11/2007, 07:59 AM
The membrane may still be good, as long as it stayed wet. If you have a TDS meter you can check the purity of the water leaving the membrane to know for sure. The Pre-Filters might also be good. If you have a PSI gauge on the system, check your psi with and without the pre-filters. If you have a 15% drop in PSI, the pre-filters will need to be replaced. Make sure you do not have any algae growth in the housing.

12/16/2007, 04:40 PM
As far as filter packs go, Scuba_Steve, I think this (http://www.airwaterice.com/product/TPACK/Aquarium_Ro_REPLACEMENT_FILTER_PACK.html) is what you're looking for. :)