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12/05/2007, 07:32 AM
Well this will be a slow process, but Im far enough along to start sharing pics and ideas.

I scored a great deal on a tank last year. It was a 180 that a guy bought for a reef. When filling it he decieded to dump a 55 gallon drum worth of water into it all at one time. It was allready half full, so I imagine the pressue in it was pretty high. It was enough pressure to break the top frame. AGA sent him a new tank in spite of his DA-ness which caused the problem. Their only request was that he take it in to the store he bought it. Well, they traded it to me for a misting system for a big vivarium I (and a friend of mine) set up for them. It cost me $150 plus shipping :D

The tank was used as storage at my office/shop for a while.

My wife finally caved on me setting up another tank, and she wouldnt stand for anything less than a reef.

So the saga begins.....

I kicked around different ideas about how to brace the top, but at $37, there was no better/safer/easier way than to just get a new AGA frame. The LFS took a few weeks to get it to me, which gave me some time to start on the stand.

It started as a pile of precut 2xs.....

....continued to a nice solid base frame....

....and has grown into an overbuilt tank stand.

Im not very good at organizing, so I made a lot of shelving to try and help keep my messes neat.


12/05/2007, 07:38 AM

I got the top frame yesterday, so I immediatly went to cutting the old one off. I didnt want to spend too much time on the stand until I found out wether the damn thing would hold water.

The removal of the old one was pretty easy with a few helping hands. I could have done it myslef just as well, but not as fast :D




30 minutes later...

1 hour later....

I placed two benches on the new frame to hold it down onto the fresh silicone, I let it sit overnight.


12/05/2007, 07:39 AM

Yesterday I load tested my stand, and water tested my aquarium.



So, Im going to let it sit overnight, but im confident, so I started cutting pieces to skin out the stand. I also decided to go with two doors. Ive been worrying about how to make it look good without adding a permenant post to support a door.

I used some plywood to mock up a two door set up. It looks really good to me and Sarah like this.


Next is painting and drilling the back, while skinning out the stand.

And, I see all these cool drawings of plumbing and what not, but I use CAD all day, so my sketch is a little generic :D This was very preliminary, but I want to get thoughts ideas.


This shows how Im thinking my CLs will be set up. They will be Sequence darts plumbed to draw water from the bottom of one end, and return it to the top of the other end. I will be able to set them up on timers and let each one run for 6 hours at a time. The goal with this is kind of like a tidal approach. I like the idea of variable flow, but always think that wavemakers never let the water flow get to its full potential. This may be the answer for me.

Also, the way the valves are set up, if one pump went down, Id be able to use the other to power both intakes and all the outlets at once. If its not enough flow for me, Id just run them both full on all the time.

What are your thoughts?