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12/05/2007, 02:12 PM
I've had it I think for a year. My local water is really bad - like 700 TDS or even higher. When I first setup my TIII, I was getting under 10TDS out of the RO and obviously 0TDS from the DI. My resin lasted a long time. After several months I noticed it getting worse - so I changed the DI. It didn't last all that long - so I decided to test the RO and it was high, well over 50. So last week I changed all three filters - after only a couple months - and its STILL reading 75+ out of the RO - and DI changes color fast!

Someone told me these would fix the problem. They said my membrane was bad.

This $40 membrane (http://theh2oguru.zoovy.com/product/TW301812-75)

This $15 flush valve (http://theh2oguru.zoovy.com/product/FASTFLUSH/Fast_Flush_-_Ball_Valve_Combined_with_Restrictor.html)

Some of these $20 packs (I'm now out) (http://theh2oguru.zoovy.com/product/3PACK/3_Pack_Filters.html)

Are these correct? Do I need anything else? Are there better, higher quality filters, or are these just fine?



12/05/2007, 03:25 PM
the only two things that i can think of that would cause this is bad membrane or the membrane needs to be reseated. Have you tried to open the membrane housing and reseat it? The membrane is kinda tough to pull out somtimes. There are two little holes on the plastic center piece. I just put a screw driver or wire through it and pull it out. Give that a shot, if that doesn't work you will need to replace the membrane. TFC membranes are very sensitve to chlorine, so if you had let your carbon filters go bad it probably killed the membrane. I just buy the whole filter set everytime my DI cartridge dies to be on the safe side. $40 for all the filters isn't too bad for me.

12/10/2007, 12:59 PM
Forgot to say thanks! But now I'm having another problem. This one is user error, I'm sure. I changed all three pre-filters, and now my pressure is all funky. First, only sometimes did it shut off completely, there was a little drip from the waste line (it always shut off 100% before). Then I went to make DI water, and the pressure never got to ~65 like it usually does, the production seemed to be decreased. But it made the water so I didn't sweat it. Again, it was hard to get the drip to stop, and pressure back down to zero. Then this weekend I went to make more DI and it just didn't work at all. It just started to make the water and stopped, but the water didn't stop dripping from the waste line. I just turned the water off at the source since I couldn't do anything to get it to stop.

Whats that a sign of? A loose connection somewhere? Other than changing the 3 filters, I did nothing (still have yet to change the membrane).

BTW, does AWI even post here?

12/11/2007, 12:27 AM
Well it looks like one of my canisters wasn't closed, a pinched o-ring. Never mind!