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12/05/2007, 07:04 PM
Please help:

I have a 180 with sps, clams, some softies etc with 3 6100\'s and a 7095 controller at my disposal. Please help with placement of the pumps and what should I do with the controller? I hate to sound so stupid, but I\'m just not sure. Do I want pulse, sequential and all that...and 1-60sec, 1-60min...min max...way too many settings. lol Any help would be awesome as I\'m just not sure where to place these bad boys and how to set my controller.


12/06/2007, 10:30 AM
With 3 pumps you could run a few programs. I would honestly start with 2 and place one in each back corner aimed to the front center and alternate between pumps using Interval 2 with a 6hr interval and a 3 second pulse from 30-100%. I would make sure the 3rd one is clean and store it as a spare. If you need more flow you can add the third.