View Full Version : Typhoon Question

12/06/2007, 07:19 PM
I have a typhoon 5 stage I did a backflush of the membrane and now when I turn off the spout at the end it sounds as if there is still water running through the system. The only way I can get it to stop is to partially open the backflush valve (just slightly) and then close it and the sound of water stops. Before whenever I closed the spout when I was finished the sound of water would stop, now I can only get the sound to stop by opening and closing the backflush valve. Is there something wrong with my RO/DI unit?

12/11/2007, 07:56 AM
Check two things, your tank pressure and the tap pressure.
What is the pressure after the pre-filters? If you have low pressure due to filters being plugged your Auto Shut valve will not turn the system off completely. If you have a pressurized storage tank, you will need to check the pressure when the tank is emply. Low PSI in the tank will also affect the shut off.