View Full Version : Just got it running, now selling DOH

12/07/2007, 11:42 PM
Well once again i am selling my system its brand new been running for about 4 months, crap ahppens and i need to try and coupe some of my cash i dropped on this bomb, here is what i got.

90 AGA with megaflow
stand/canopy, stand is over 30 inches inside for skimmer room etc.
40 gallon AGA breeder, made into a 3 chamber Sump with Fuge.
Euro-reef RS180 skimmer
Coralife 18w UV with Ehiem pump
Ocean runner 2500 return pump
Duel electronic 250w MH ballast, reflectors, bulbs etc no much burn time on bulbs.
90 lbs walt smith fiji LR purchased from Reefer madness, stil have the shipping boxes for it georgious pieces 80% coraline coverage no green algae etc.
2 Korlia 4's perfect condition
Filter guys ocean reef +1 Ro/di unit with duel TDS meter, pressure guage etc even have a stand alone TDS meter ill throw in with it.
Yellow tang, Blue Tang, 4 green chromis, and 2 cleaner shrimp is the live stock, other than the pollyps etc that are hitch hikers on the LR.
lighting fo the fuge is included, the tank is up and running and i would like to get rid of it as one of course. the back on this tank is painted black with krylon paint, and everything is FLAWLESS. and all items including pumps have origional boxes, reciepts and i even have the warranty card etc for the skimmer, you fill it out and send it in. please PM with serious offers, and no i wont take 200 bucks for it all, but i may consider 800-1000 let me know. also mis stuff like trash cans, fish food is included too much to list.

12/08/2007, 01:52 AM
Man seems like some really nice stuff.... What happened that made you give up?

12/08/2007, 03:21 AM
That sucks Jason wish I could take it off your hands for you, but I am flat broke myself.
If you want make sure you come back by the store with a 3X5 card with your for sale ad on it, and we can put it on the wall.

12/08/2007, 05:55 AM
yeah hate to give it up,but need too. i posted on craigs list and will drop by the store thanks brian.

12/08/2007, 12:15 PM
Man that's rough, if I had the money I would go for it.... Good luck!

12/10/2007, 11:32 PM
sold, merry xmas everyone.

12/11/2007, 02:22 AM
Sort of great to hear Jason! Glad you got it off your hands when you needed to, but hate to see you leave the hobby again.

Hopefully when you get back in a grove where it is't a burden then you will be able to try it again.

12/11/2007, 04:29 AM
thanks Brian i appreciate that much. i do have plans around spring to start building a new set-up, but of course i want to go big lol. anyways Steve is the one that picked it up. and i may just run a small tank in my downtime. hope you ahve a great xmas and your family is blessed..peace