View Full Version : is this worth my time?

12/09/2007, 06:40 PM
would it help to run my hot water heater supply line thru a coil of tubing in my sump? i was thinking it would maybe drop my tank temp a little and preheat my hot water supply water to 80 degrees even if it doesnt drop my tank water at all i would think preheating the water 20 degrees would save a little money what do u think?

12/09/2007, 06:53 PM
i would say it will actually do more for your tank temp than preheating your water. it will not spend enough time in the tank to make a significant difference in the temperature of the water in your pipes. How efficiently it cools your tank will depend on the temp of the water in the pipes and how often you use your hot water. There are many hours every day when no water will be moving through the coil. i don't think most people use hot water frequently enough to make this viable.

Your biggest problem will be pipe material. you cannot use copper, and plastic is a poor conductor of heat. titanium is the best choice, but is very expensive.