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12/13/2007, 02:06 PM
Looking for a controller..
Profilux Plus II Advanced Pack

will this control ...

my 3 tunze pumps (6100,6100,6101) the way the 7095 tunze does?
heaters(2 - 300 watt units)
ghl doser (3 pump unit)
lights (250w SE hamilton fixtures)
lights 110VHO actinics
lights (moon light LEDs)

is this overkill? is there a cheaper option ?
I want something that will display the ph, temp

display salinity?

I dose 2 part and kalk manually right now...

Thank you

12/13/2007, 02:30 PM
The advance pack will do all you require, you would need a couple more Tunze cables but they are not expensive.

This is not over kill at all the pack will give you pretty much all you need including level control.

The main unit displays all your values but you can also opt for the external display.

BUT if you are on a budget (and arent we all) then you can easily cut down to the beginner plus and give more money available for the dosing station and the external display and extra cables

if you want a quote drop me a line at [email protected] and I will pass you to your details to your closest retailer