View Full Version : Redoing 30 Gallon Fuge

12/24/2007, 12:52 AM
Ok i'm never happy with my setup, i wanna relocate my skimmer it was HOB on my 55 gallon fuge but i'm making it in sump in my 30 gallon with a recirc pump on it, ok i took out all the crushed coral i had in there, i was wondering if this is better to use in a fuge with no live rock in it. no plants just substrate for places for the pods to "live". or if i should use oolic sand Sugar Sized or reef sand .5mm to 1 mm. or go back to the crushed coral. any input would be much appreciated

oh and the flow from my 30 fuge to my 55 fuge is at about 200 to 250 GPH. should i increase the flow or is this enough?

again thanx for any advice

12/24/2007, 05:03 PM
The advantage of not having macroalgae is that you don't need a lighted refugium. Sand and live rock don't need lighting.

If you don't mind a lighted refugium, then get floating macroalgae, such as chaetomorpha, because it doesn't require a substrate. You can throw the chaetomorpha into a bucket when you clean the refugium.

Here's a sump with a Tunze skimmer and an upward current that brings the chaetomorpha up to the light:
There are only two baffles. A mesh screen to keep the chaetomorpha from being swept away is held by the current against the 2nd baffle. The large return compartment is for water changes.