View Full Version : some opinions on a mega biological filter

j.p. harrington
01/05/2008, 05:17 PM
o.k. this is just an idea i had plus im new to this whoel saltwater tank thing but could it be posible to: take a 55gallon barrel put a dsb of about 5-8 inches then add a ton of baserock/live rock/ reef rock and just pump it through the barrel and back into the tank i mean i no rock adds filtration so is this a possible idea on something big or just a waist of time and money

01/05/2008, 05:27 PM
Easier to take a sideways 55g tank and do same as fuge, with weed and light: shallower, better gas enchange. I'd go 4" sandbed, however, for fear of buildup of stuff too far down to cycle through.
55g fuge, and then a sump adequate to handle pumps, skimmer, heater, downflow and it would support your 600g system nicely. I use a 20g fuge on my 54g. Now, if you really want to go large, a 200g show fuge [same proportion] under your tank would give you killer biofiltration. You'd have enough pods in there to feed seahorses, pipefish, etc, and still enough left over for your 600g upstairs.

j.p. harrington
01/05/2008, 05:33 PM
well now thats an idea and i guess its the same thing maybe even better i mean i wass jw if this would help anything out cuz i was thing of making like a huge batch of diy rock and filling it up and just pumping some major water through it so i wouldnt have any dead spots