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01/09/2008, 02:01 PM
Hey, there!

First of all, GREAT article - thanks for sharing the knowledge. However, you made the comment that you don't use mechanical filtration of any kind. I got rid of the bio balls in my bubble tower b/c they would get covered with DOCs and were contributing to red slime in my tank. I noticed in your video showing a bubble tower that you have rock rubble in yours. How do you manage the buildup of DOCs in and on the rubble without using a mechanical filter of some kind? I'd love to stop messing with the socks I'm using on my drain line, but I don't know of another way of stopping the DOC buildup.

Derry ;)

01/09/2008, 03:35 PM
Hi Derry, and


The detritus doesn't gather in the LR rubble because of the downward flow. It may settle in the skimmer section, or in the return section. As I mentioned, I simply siphon that out of my system once in a while (every 6 or 8 weeks), unless I'm especially energetic and motivated to do it more often.

Waterborne detritus may be sucked right in by the protein skimmer since that is the very next thing after the bubble tower.