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01/15/2008, 10:53 AM
My Deltec AP902 skimmer used to be gravity fed with my return from my overflow box. I have a 7000l/h Hailea 6850 pump as the return pump, but I have quite a bit of head loss due to the path of the return line.

I used to set the backpressure ballvalve on the outlet pipe of the Deltec to 90% closed in order to get enough pressure in the cylinder so that the water level is at the neck. Needless to say I did not have close to 3400l/h flow through it (the rated flow of the skimmer).

Problem was that my skimmer would fill about 1" of the cup in about 2 weeks' time, and thereafter nothing more.

I thought that this flow rate was the issue, so I disconnected the skimmer from the return line and instead used a Eheim 1262 pump (rated at 3400l/h) from the sump feeding the skimmer directly. I only have to put the backpressure ballvalve at about 5% closed now, which is negligible. There seems to be more bubbles in the cylinder too.

Did I do the correct thing? Would I see an improvement in skimming performance?

01/16/2008, 01:20 AM
I did the same thing for my APF-600 and it has improved it somewhat. Although, it's not the same as when I first installed it. I used to get a cup once every two weeks but now it's maxed out at 1/4 cup irregardless of how long in between cup cleanings. Perhaps I've skimmed as much as I can and now it's just pulling out whatever's left. The skimmer does go crazy when I feed but not like it used to. It used to overflow the cup that I had to turn it off during feeding time. I've also cleaned it thoroughly every 6 months with temporary improvements but then back to a 1/4 cup again.

Did I max out this tank on skimming? I don't know. Water's always clear and no nuisance algae in the display (lots in the refugium but I think that's due to the age of the refug bulbs) so I can't really complain. Although, it was always kinda exciting to get a full cup weekly :).

HTHs :).