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s a v v o
11/24/2002, 12:56 AM
I have some questions for Doug W. arising from his August article on reef lighting.

Doug, in your article you speak of success with SPS corals using VHO lighting.

I'm interested in knowing some details of the set-ups. For example,

height of aquarium,
height of VHOs above the water,
the number of VHOs,
the brands, model numbers, and colours of the VHOs,
how far the aquarium is front-to-back and the distance between tubes,
the order in which the tubes are arranged,
and any other info that might be helpful.

You say that daylight + actinic produces a 10,000K effect. Here in Australia there are tubes that are supposedly 50/50. Will the same effect be achieved by using equal numbers of daylight tubes and actinic tubes?

I'm considering using 4 VHOs over a tank that is 500mm from sandbed surface to water surface, 600mm from front to back. I had intended to arrange them with one actinic at the front and one at the back, with the two daylights in between. What do you think?

Many thanks.

Les Savage
Member of Marine Aquarium Society of Queensland