View Full Version : Imperator/Emperor Angel.What corals are you able to keep

01/27/2008, 10:24 AM
I have a adult Emperor,And i'm wondering what kinds of hard and soft corals you guys/gals have had luck with, and it not eating.I would like to keep this thread aimed more at adults,since it seems there eating habits change a bit as they get older.

Not Touched

SPS any.(nip here and there)
Leather corals
Bubble tip anome
Brain Coral (altho a nip here and there)


Colt coral
All zoo's
Some sponges

Now realizing that each fish is different, i was hoping that maybe if enough people posted we might find corals that are definitely no no's.
I was hoping add more LPS to my tank,But i hate buying my Emp expensive meals.